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The Little Things We Remember

Jared William Jamail was born on May 25, 1983. Jared had a natural smile and loved to make people laugh. When he was out of fresh material, he would look up jokes on the internet, especially before going to visit his grandmother in the hospital. He would swell with pride when she taped them on the wall to share with the nurses and other visitors.


He grew to have a kind heart, knobby knees, freckles on his arms and face, and a cowlick on the front right side of his hair and in the back of his head, which only a Ruby’s Barber Shop cut could hide.  He enjoyed two enchiladas, rice & beans from Peso’s and, if it wasn’t Mexican food, it was pork chops, fried okra, and green beans, but only out of a can – no fresh.


Jared was competitive by nature and enjoyed playing cards, golf, and soccer.  At golf, he excelled at the “chip shot” coming from behind the bushes – which later we found out were always thrown.  Many of his closest friends were those with whom he played sports.  The bus rides to the high school games were a chance for Jared, and a few of his friends, to try and act like his older brother and his buddies.  We are proud his soccer jersey still hangs at the High School.

Jared Jamail

He was meticulous about his clothes being ironed.  He always starched his jeans until they were stiff, very stiff.


Then there was the Crosby Fair and Rodeo and raising animals.  Jared’s favorite part of raising the animals was not the actual show, but the “work” he put in with his cousins. 


Jared was a loving son, brother, and friend.  Nothing mattered more to him than the people in his life.  As you read a few of our little memories we hope you smile thinking of your own. 


The Jamails 

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